One of the most exciting things you can do as a dancer is participate in a stage show. There’s nothing like having the stage to yourself and giving it all you’ve got. Most dance studios offer stage show experiences, sometimes called “showcases” or “spotlight shows”. Here are some tips to help you out in planning for your next performance in a spotlight show or showcase:
Preparation Stage:

Practice the way you want to perform. Don’t forget to practice all the little things like smiling and looking up. Sometimes it helps to actually visualize the audience being in front of you while you practice. Practice in front of a live audience if possible. If there are other students or instructors present while you practice, ask them to watch you perform and give constructive feedback. Don’t wait until the night of the show to “turn it on”.
Practice without the mirrors. Dancing while looking in a mirror is great for dialing in the technique and styling of your dance, because you get instant feedback as you go along. However, dancing in the mirror can also cause a few bad habits, like […]