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How to Perform Your Best at the Next Ballroom Dance Competition

Are you a ballroom dance competitor or looking to become one? Follow these suggestions and make the next ballroom competition you attend be your best one!

Warm up before you compete, but don’t “practice”. This is a very important distinction that a lot of competitors miss. “Warming up” means getting a sweat going, loosening up your muscles, (or maybe even pre-fatiguing them) but not practicing. In practice, the objective is to make things better by working out trouble spots and generally improving technique. Trying to do this while at a competition is the worst thing you can do. There simply isn’t enough time to make things better 5 minutes before the next heat. Have confidence in what you’re doing. If something isn’t working, make a note of it and resolve to fix/change it when you get back to the studio. […]

A Brief History of Tango

Tango is a dance which can become a source of confusion to many people I know, and there are many misconceptions surrounding the dance and it’s history. Here’s my attempt at making sense of […]

How to make your own Ballroom/Latin shirt for less than $40

One of the worst parts about being a Ballroom or Latin dance competitor is the high prices of costumes. Compared to the thousands of dollars that  Ballroom dresses cost, us guys usually get off a […]

Lessons From The Hong Kong Cha Cha Champion: How Bruce Lee Can Help You Become A Better Dancer

“Art calls for complete mastery of techniques, developed by reflection within the soul.”
-Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee changed the world of film with his powerful charisma and unparalleled martial arts skill.  He continues to inspire millions […]